Directorate of Archaeology ( Uttar Pradesh ) INDIA Directorate of Archaeology ( Uttar Pradesh ) INDIA Directorate of Archaeology ( Uttar Pradesh ) INDIA
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Archaeology for whom
Those who have an insatiable thirst for knowledge and a desire to learn about the origin of the human race, its social, cultural and political evolution, the birth and death of civilizations, the rise and fall of mighty empires.
Those who enjoy the outdoors, love to camp in woods, bathe in a stream, cook in acamp fire, slumber under the stars, awake to the singing of the birds.
Those who love to trek through rugged terrain, climb the slopes of jagged hills, traverse scorching desert sands, stomp through treacherous marshy swamps. All this for a quest, a search, a discovery, to find answers to questions hitherto unknown and to discover questions hitherto unasked.
Will Dunant in his book 'The Story of Philosphy' has called philosphy "That dear delight, when the love for a modestly elusive truth seems far greater incomparbly than the ways of the flesh and the dross of the world." The same can be said about archaeology.
The answers seem so close, almost within reach, all that is required is a little sifting of evidence and there we are at the verge of a great discovery. These discoveries could well be yours. All that it takes is some patience, perseverance, application and of course dedication. And all along its also a lot of fun and exitement.
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