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Suggested Topics For Research
For Contributors
The reserach papers related to the various fields of Archaeology, History and Culture viz. exporation, excavation, conservation, palaeography, numismatics, art and architecture etc., notes about the new important discoveries and reviews of the research works will be acceptable for this journal.
The article may be written in Hindi or English.
All manuscripts should be typed in double space, with a wide margin on left side of each page.
As for as possible, abbreviations should not be used, in case they have been corporated, a complete list of abbreviations used should invariable be given at the end of the References.

The captions of the photographs and line drawings should be mentioned by a soft pencil on the back side of the same. A list of such captions should be enclosed along with the article seprately with an indication in the text as to where they, and any tables and schedules are to be placed.
The upper portion of the photographs should be marked with a vertical line on the back side of the photographs.

Photographs should be in black and whie on glossy paper in high contrast measuring 16.5 x 21.5 cms.
Acknowledgement should be given on a separate sheet and enclosed with the article before reference.

Reference should be given in the end of the article on a separate sheet.The standard pattern to be followed is as follows :-

References  to books should include author's name (surname in capitals followed by initials) year           of publication, title of the book (underlined), volume, part, edition, name and address of the           publisher, and page numbers cited.
An example of book citation:Gupte, R.S.    1972   lconography of the Hindus Buddhists and Jains : D.B. Taraporewala Sons  and Company Private Limited, 210, Doctor Dada Bhai Nairoji Road, Bombay-1, page 25.
References to articles in periodicals should include author's name, year of publication, title of  arficle (within double inverted comma), title of periodical (underlined), volume, issue number (if required), and page number.
In the first citation full details are to be given and in the succeeding citations (s) op.cit, may be used with author's name and the year in which the article/ book was published. The diacritical  marks should be used as per Ancient India. Epigraphia Indica of the Archaeological Survey of  India.
In the selection of research paper, photograph and line drawings, the decision of the Editor will be final.
The Editor will not be responsible for the views expreseed in the articles.
After the publication of the article, a free copy of the Journal along with 25 reprints of the article will be sent to the author.
No portion of the published research paper or photographs may be used or reprinted without the prior permission of the Editor.
All correspondence should be addressed to:
The Editor,
Journal of the U.P.Archaeological Organisation,
Roshan-ud-daula Kothi, Kaiserbagh, Lucknow-226018.
Telephone : 243045 (Office) , 76680 (Residence).
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