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Archaeological Explorations - Dhasan Valley Exploration, district Jhansi.
Ancient sites of the area: Location and Documentation.
Project Director
Rakesh Tewari, Directorate of Archaeology, Lucknow assisted by S.K. Dubey, Regional Archaeological Unit, Jhansi.
Project Phase
Third field season.
Project Phase
A good number of Palaeolithic sites have been reported from different areas of Jhansi district. At the same time numerous sites and remains of the Gupta period onwards are well known. Thus there exists a lack of evidence for the interregnum between the prehistoric and Gupta periods. However, the well known ancient site of Erich located on right bank of the Betwa River fills this gap. This site contains culture material datable between proto-historic and modern times, indicating that there might be some more protohistoric and early historic sites in the vicinity, which may fill this gap in a considerable manner. With this in mind the exploration programme was undertaken by the Directorate and commenced from the session 2000-2001.
The results of two seasons of exploration work are very encouraging. Over half a dozen proto-historic / early historic sites along the smaller tributaries of the Dhasan have been located successfully. Mention may be made of Ghat Kotar and Ratausa. Most of these sites are situated between Erich, in the north of ancient Chedi Pradesh and the ancient Vidisha in the south, which indicates an alignment of contact between these regions in ancient times. Numerous stone age and early medieval to late medieval sites containing palaeolithic -assemblages, hitherto unreported temples, architectural remains and sculptures have also been brought to light during the explorations.
Summary reports of every season's work is sent for publication in the respective issues of the Indian Archaeology: A Review.
Preliminary report is under preparation.
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