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Archaeological Explorations -Village-to-Village Exploration, district Mirzapur.
Exploration of all the antiquarian remains of the area: Location and Documentation.
Project Director
Rakesh Tewari assisted by Girish Chandra Singh, Directorate of Archaeology, Lucknow .
Project Phase
Survey for eight field seasons has been completed .
Project Phase
As far as archaeological researches are concerned Mirzapur district is one of the most extensively investigated areas. British archaeologists Cunningham,carlleyle and Cockburn initiated their researches in this area in the second half of the nineteenth century. Thereafter, the Universities of Allahabad and BHU had carried out numerous exploration and excavation projects consistently in different areas of this district from time to time. These works have provided a considerably large source of archaeological material, on the basis of which history of this area from palaeolithic period to the early historic times has been reconstructed on a sound basis. It may be noted in this respect that these works were generally aimed for some specific objectives particularly regarding the pre- and proto-historic periods. Therefore, the sites and remains related to the later periods, say after 300 BC, could not get their due attention. Keeping this status of research in mind Village-to-Village survey project was undertaken under the U.P. State Archaeological organisation in 1974-75 to enlist all the antiquarian remains of the district irrespective of the consideration whether they belong to pre and proto-historic period or to the medieval period.
During the survey carried out for eight seasons so far hundreds of pre and proto-historic / early historic and later sites comprising of stone artefacts, potsherds, megaliths, painted rock shelters, ancient stone quarries, stone temples, inscriptions and stone sculptures, etc. have been documented, including a large number of unreported ones. Mention may be made of painted rock shelters near Ahraura and Nikarika, stone quarries of Moharpur, Baghera Khurd and Birohi, megaliths of Rajgarh area, stone celts of Lusa, ancient mounds of Ahraura, Bhagawati Dei, Bhuili, Bidaur, Dohar, Gaurawa, Majhiar, Baghera Kalan, Bahutimai Chakchaura, Shivapur, etc. Stone temples of Pratihara Period from Bardiha Khurd and Bataunha, temple remains, stone sculptures from Aghwar, Barji Mukundpur, Jasowar, Bataunha, Bardiha Khurd, etc. and an inscription from Pandra Hanuman are important new additions to our knowledge. The evidence documented during this work has provided a clear understanding about the settlement pattern of the ancient sites in the region, cultural and religious activities, alignments of ancient routes connecting Varanasi/ Mirzapur region with Jhusi - Kausambi region in the west, Ayodhya (Saket) in the north, Pataliputra (Patna) in the east and Deccan in the south, besides other aspects.
Over 450 archaeological sites, reported till date in Mirzapur district by the earlier investigators as well as by the Directorate of Archaeology Uttar Pradesh, have been listed under the reports published in Pragdhara 9 and 11. Their references are given below.
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