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Excavation At Sarai Nahar Rai,district Pratapgarh
Project Director
K.C. Ojha of the Department of Archaeology Uttar Pradesh in collaboration of Anthropological Survey of India and Archaeological Survey of India initiated the excavations. Subsequently this site was excavated in collaboration with Allahabad University and this Directorate under the supervision of G.R. Sharma of Allahabad University.
Archaeological Survey of India
Anthropological Survey of India
University of Allahabad
The main objective of this excavation was to expose the Mesolithic burials, to determine their antiquity and to study some other aspects.
The excavations revealed spectacular evidence of human settlements,and human bodies (in the form of skeletons) buried in the burials. These remains proved to be the earliest remnants of the Homosapien Sapiens in India. Their lithic artefacts include microliths of different types.
Since stone is not available in the Pratapgarh area and its nearest source is the Vindhyan hills the material to prepare lithic tools would have been procured from that region. It is interesting to note that these people had large and robust skulls and they were relatively tall. The approximate height of males was between 173.93 cm and 192.08 cm. The bone-sample collected during the excavations and sent to Tata Fundamental Research Laboratory by K.C. Ojha for radiocarbon dating gave an age ranging around 10, 000 years before the present. This discovery has become a turning point in the study of human colonisation of the Ganga Valley.
Important Publication
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