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Excavation At kalpi,district Jalaun.
Project Director
R. Tewari, R.K. Srivastava, U.P. State Archaeological Organisation.
K.S. Saraswat, Birbal Sahni Institute of Palaeobotany.
To understand the culture sequence and the lower limit of the antiquity of the settlement.
The excavations have revealed a cultural sequence beginning from the pre-NBPW to medieval periods. On the basis of comparative considerations the lower limit of its antiquity has been placed around 1000 B.C. The lower layers contain mostly red ware. Black-and-red ware, grey ware and black slipped ware and other typed potteries were also recovered along with above mentioned red ware.
Some potsherds of Painted Grey Ware, generally dated between 1000-500 BC, were marked present in the cultural deposit in-between the lower layers and those comprising NBPW. The excavations also indicated that this site was most extensively inhabited during the last two centuries before Christ. The antiquarian remains found on the surface show that during those days this place had been a centre of Buddhism and Saivism. Beautifully decorated moulded terracotta figurines of this period, recovered from this site, are very fine specimens of art and are comparable with those found at Mathura and Kausambi. Some of the selective specimens of these terracottas have been transferred to the State Museum, Lucknow for display.
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