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Pancha Kedar Yatra Marg Exploration
Project Director
 R. Tewari, Regional Archaeological Unit (Garhwal-Kumaon)
This was also a small project carried out by the Regional Archaeological Unit, (Almora) in 1980-81 with the objective of determining the antiquity of pilgrimage on this route. The area comes under district Chamoli. The antiquarian remains located on this route included a Gupta inscription at Anasuya devi, pillar inscription at Gopesvara, several stone temples comprising of latina, pidha and valabhi type of sikharas, besides numerous stone images of Indra, Uma-Mahesh and other deities, datable between 7th-13th century at Kedarnath, Madh Mahesvara, Tunganatha, Aansuya devi, Gopesvara, Rudranatha and Joshimatha. These evidences show that the pilgrimages on this route, moving through the most beautiful valleys, lush green grassy bugyals - on the top of high hills - full of multicoloured flowers with a background of snow covered mountains of the mighty Himalaya, were being undertaken from at least 1500 years before the present if not earlier.
The results of this exploration have been incorporated in Tewari, R. 1984. Sarvekshana Report 1981-82-83 (Hindi), U.P. State Archaeological Organisation.
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