Directorate of Archaeology ( Uttar Pradesh ) INDIA Directorate of Archaeology ( Uttar Pradesh ) INDIA Directorate of Archaeology ( Uttar Pradesh ) INDIA
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Exploration & Excavation
Suggested Topics For Research
Pragdhara 18
Proceedings of the International Seminar :'First Farmers in Global Perspective'
A Critical Assessment of Early Agriculture in East Asia, with emphasis on Lower Yangzte Rice Domestication
A Fresh Appraisal of The Animal-based Subsistence and Domestic Animals in The Ganga Valley
A Pivotal Evidence of Custard-apple : Evocative of Some Pre-Columbian Network of Contact between Asia and America
Cultural Development from Mesolithic to Chalcolithic in the Mewar Region of Rajasthan, India
Comments on ""Early Farmers ..'' Some observations on Neolithic remains of India
Early Farming Cultures of Saurashtra : Their contributions to the Development of Regional Harappan Culture
Early Farming at Lahuradewa
First Farmers in South India : The role of internal processes and external influences in the emergence and transformation of south India's earliest settled societies
Kashmir Neolithic and Early Harappan : A Linkage
Mehrgarh Neolithic
Millets and Their Role in Early Agriculture
Pathways across Asia : exploring the history of Panicum and Setaria in the Indian subcontinent
Prelude to Agriculture in the North-Central India
First Farmers in Global Perspective : Some Considerations
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Primitive Cultivation of Rice at the Long-Qiu-Zhuang Site, Gao-You County, China
Recent lessons from Near Eastern archaeobotany : wild cereal use, pre-domestication cultivation and tracing multiple origins and dispersals.
The emergence of early agriculture in the Horton Plains, central Sri Lanka: linked to late Pleistocene and early Holocene climatic changes
The Early Farming Culture of the Middle Ganga Plain with Special Reference to the Excavations at Jhusi and Hetapatti
The figurines of the first farmers at Mehrgarh and their offshoots
The First Farmers in Western Pakistan : The Evidence of the Neolithic Agro-pastoral Settlement of Mehrgarh
Understanding the Neolithic in Northern India
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