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Pragdhara is the Annul journal of the Directorate of Archaeology, Uttar Pradesh. It commenced in 1990 with the inspiration of Sri Alok Sinha, the then Secretary, Culture, Government of Uttar Pradesh. Renowned archaeologist and scholar Sri K.V. Soundar Rajan suggested its name. Pragdhara means ancient stream. Water symbolises knowledge and Pragdhara symbolises the stream of knowledge. In its twelve years of publication, Pragdhara has carried with it not only the ideas and assimilation of many a great intellectual but also provided a platform to younger archaeologists to present the findings of their research.
The objective for the publication of Pragdhara is to provide a forum to present the out come of archaeological investigations carried out by the Directorate of Archaeology, U.P. and such other institutions in U. P. and other states. More than 260 research papers have so far been published consisting of more than 2500 pages of text and more than 1300 photographs and maps. It is a matter of satisfaction for the Directorate that Pragdhara has received contributions from scholars engaged in field archaeology in various Universities, the Archaeological Survey of India and State Archaeology Departments. Pragdhara also has the credit of being the first to report several new and path breaking investigations, significant among them being excavations at Imlidih Khurd, Waina, Bhunadih, Raja Nal-ka-tila, Malhar, Jhunsi (U.P.), the Citadel of Lalkot (Delhi), Buddhist site of Ambaran and Neolithic/ Kushana site of Kanishpur (Jammu & Kashmir), chalcolithic site of Ojhiana (Rajasthan), Buddhist site of Adurru (Andhra Pradesh), chalcolithic and early historic sites in Mahanadi Valley (Orissa); Explorations in Gorakhpur, Basti, Sonbhadra, Mirzapur, Allahabad, Ballia, Mahoba and Kanpur districts (U.P.), Laddakh, Palamau (Bihar), Deccan Routes from Ganga Valley to Deccan across Chattisgarh and Madhya Pradesh, Salvage Operations under Srisailam Project (Andhra Pradesh); papers related to newly discovered inscriptions of post-Gupta, Pratihara and Bundela periods; descriptions of rare images, temples and other remains. Mention must also be made is required about the papers on archaeobotanical material revealed in the excavations at Harappan and Chalcolithic to Historic sites of Punjab and Uttar Pradesh which have provided hither to untapped sources for the reconstruction of agricultural and subsistence practices of the past. Equally significant are the paper on Geomorphological and Metallurgical Studies. These and other contributions have earned Pragdhara the status of an important primary source for archaeological material and a variant forum for the dissemination of archaeological information both at the national and international levels.
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